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Get accurate data in seconds with Oscar’s cloud-based, automated OCR.

Secure, reliable and helpful, Oscar converts PDFS to Excel in one quick move – saving you hassle and time wasted on data processing.

Transformative without the need to transform.

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Oscar transforms your processes without the need for a total overhaul. Make your systems – and life – easier with more efficient, effective, and easy processes in place. Find out for yourself and calculate how much time and money Oscar could be saving you.

3 reasons to switch to Oscar

Quick and accurate Oscar loves numbers and facts and can identify, locate and process any quantifiable data within SECONDS.

Oscar can save you over 80% of your time, which you can redirect into development and scalability.

With trusty Oscar, you get
accuracy and reliability in data
extraction and storage – as well as your peace of mind!


Oscar makes life easier by optimising workflow and removing the stress and fuss from data processing.



What’s included

  • Bank statements only
  • Import 25 pages for free
  • No download or installations required
  • Extract and arrange raw data into digitised format
  • Formatted for quick analysis
  • Download digitised data into .xls


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£49.99 p/m

What’s included

  • Bank statements only
  • 500 pages per month
  • No download or installations required
  • Extract and arrange raw data into digitised format
  • Download digitised data into .xls
  • Save and re-visit your work


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From £239 p/m

What’s included

  • Bespoke pricing available on request
  • Unlimited access for multiple users
  • AI driven solution designed to meet your specific needs
  • Formatted and categorised for quick analysis
  • Search and index your imported data
  • Secure, cloud-based document store
  • Save and revisit your work
  • Up to 1tb of storage included
  • Built-in data quality checks
  • API’s available to feed data back into your own system
  • Tailorable components for your specific use cases
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Oscar saved time, money and effort and gave us the results we needed, without the headache.”

The platform is super easy to use and the data is very accurate. Saved our team a lot of hours.

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