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Frequently asked questions

What documents can I import?

You can import any document where your data is stored as an image, such as PDFs or Jpeg.

Is there a limit to the number of pages I can import?

For Business package customers, you are limited to 500 per month. There is no upper limit for Enterprise customers.

Am I tied into a contract?

For Business users, your monthly contract can be cancelled at any time. We envisage Enterprise customers working with us to design a tool that works to your own specific requirements. This can be for a specific period of time, a specific project or on an annual licence basis.

Do I need to install Oscar?

No. Oscar is cloud hosted. You access the system via a secure login.

I want to import the results back into our system, is that possible?

With the Enterprise package, yes. We can create an API back into your workflow system.

What’s the main advantage of the Enterprise package?

We understand that a per user licence fee may not for work larger organisations or customers that process large volumes of documents. We typically price Enterprise accounts on a per page basis that reduces on a sliding scale as the number of pages increases. We want to make sure our solution meets your requirements and delivers return on investment so call us to discuss your needs and we’ll pull together a tailored approach.

I have a specific requirement, can this be added to the solution?

We are big fans of practitioner lead development and we are constantly working with our customers to improve functionality and add enhancements. Drop us a line if there is something you want to see within the solution. Furthermore, we often work with our customers to create bespoke bolt ons to the solution and this can be done on a case by case basis, again, contact us if you have a specific requirement and we’ll see what we can do.

How do I access the data? 

The imported data is displayed in Oscar’s UI, and is available to download to excel as single, multiple, or merged files. You’re able to filter, search and edit with ease. 

Where did Oscar come from? 

Oscar was originally built in collaboration with the UK and Australian governments, to automate financial data extraction from PDF bank statements into a digital, uniform output. 

Who can benefit from Oscar? 

Oscar is a godsend for forensic investigators, or anyone else who needs to quickly convert physical bank statements into digital data for interrogation and analysis. 

How do Demarq work with practitioners? 

Our approach to development is always practitioner-led. This way of working has enabled us to develop new capabilities and functionality for our customers to optimise how they work, reduce cost and remove risk. 

Can I trust the data? 

Oscar automatically performs data quality and OCR validation checks so you can be confident in the accuracy of your data. Find out more here

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